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Give the People What They Want!

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Yesterday, I visited the USPTO website to begin my research for a brand name that I hope to register. While on the site, I noted that the expected processing time for new applications is nearly 9 months. This is up from a two and a half month wait just at the top of the year. Although it is good to know that so many people are launching new brands and innovating solutions, I have to admit that a rush of anxiety came over me at the news. By the time I finish the two week search process, of which the Trademark search is just one part, I could be looking at a year long wait. Do I produce the show in the meantime and hold off on the titling? What if someone else nabs the name before me?

Here's what I know...

The digital media landscape is expanding at the speed of thought. In this content-rich climate, we need systems that allow us to move from concept to content quickly. We have to work smarter not harder, and maintain high enough quality that reflects our prowess, but with a rough edge that makes it look effortless. Just as consumption is moving away from traditional television to on-demand and live streaming, we must grow comfortable with breaking the rules that make production tedious. Camera shakes, jump cuts, sudden audio breaks, and yes, vertical video are here to stay. Consumers are more concerned about consuming content than the creative qualities that so many of us have spent years mastering.

So what does it all boil down to?

Feeding audiences often.

If content was food, consumers would prefer that content producers serve it up like McDonalds - fast, hot and exactly what they order. Scrolling is the media equivalent of a drive-thru. As we work to pioneer the terrain of streaming media, let's also look for technologies, apps, and other tools that help us create good content quickly. Yesterday's workflow won't cut it today. Sure, protect your properties. Submit the Trademark applications, register the Copyright, but also run & gun, turn & burn.

 At all cost, give the people what they want - good content and lots of it.

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