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Building Global Communities

The concept is simple.

Every urban community in America has hidden gold - the barber shop where manhood is shaped, the playgrounds where children learn that nothing is impossible with a little imagination, and the many other storefronts and doorsteps from which the communities get their character and pass on core values. While many of these physical locations are still present in communities of color, the organic connection and conversations that sparked lifelong friendships are being replaced by virtual connections and status updates.

I am committed to creating virtual environments that foster truly connected communities. I am mining the gold of urban communities and displaying it on screens. In fact, my mission is to elevate urban culture by sharing the best from urban influencers and family-safe entertainment through short format shows and long format films. I am committed to building video networks that elevate urban culture by prioritizing values, celebrating principled living, and affirming identity through entertainment. We identify the elements that comprise the best of urban communities and amplify their impact through programming. It is a hybrid (on-demand and live streaming) network for influencers to directly educate, entertain, and empower urban audiences. This work is unique because it allows influencers and entertainers to impact urban audiences while monetizing and retaining ownership of their content.

Unlike many other streaming brands, we are not building networks. We are building communities - eliminating the miles between us and connecting urban audiences online. We believe that sharing our gifts in community makes the community stronger. Telling our own stories from experience influences the experiences of future generations. For too long we have focused on the ills of urban life. Now it's time to elevate the culture and give our attention to the gold.

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